A Message from The Managing Director
Guan How Superbike Centre Sdn. Bhd. is situated in The Auto City, Juru North-South Highway. Auto City, Juru is a prime and most strategic vehicles and food centre of Malaysia.

Guan How Superbike Centre truly knows and understands thoroughly the superbike business for the Malaysian Market and I have come a long way to build this company to where it is today. Being the Managing Director, as well as the owner of Guan How Superbike Centre, I have a total of twenty over years of motorcycle business experience.

I am proud to say that my company is very unique because of my background that is the many years of motorcycle business experience and all my outlets are located in prime and very strategic business locations. I am very focus in the superbike motorcycle business and I have vast experience in the terms of motorcycle technologies, the range of motorcycles, the business network and the best-in-class customer service that I provide. In addition, my company's financial health is at a condition which can never be better.

I am also quite influential in the motorcycle arena, especially in the state level and received high respect from both customers, peers and competitions. I am also sitting in the committee of The Motorcycle Association of Penang. As you can see,I must have received a lot of respect to be able to play in this roll. I am also the Chairperson of Guan How Superbike Club and I personally organize exciting events all year round to build network and teamwork among bikers.

In conclusion, my business philosophy is to conduct business which earns respect from peers and competitors, committed to customer-first attitude, financially sound and conducting business with uncompromising integrity.

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Group of Companies
  • Guan How Superbike Centre Sdn. Bhd
  • Motorcycles Sales Centre Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
  • Bikers' World Sdn. Bhd.
  • Guan How Motorcycles
Our Mission
To Provide Comfort, Enjoyable, Reliable and Quality Guaranteed Motorcycles with world Class Customer Services to Our Value Customers.
Business Profile
  • Sales and purchase of new and old motorcycles of all makes and engine capacities
  • Sales of full range of motorcycle accessories and personal protective apparels
  • Hire-and-purchase credit service
  • Repair and maintenance service
  • 24-hour motorcycle repatriation service for accidents and breakdowns
  • Sales and renewal of motorcycles insurance
  • Insurance claims
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